Storm Water 2015 Regulation

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Storm Water 2015 Regulatory Training

CDMS has prepared a 1-hour training to prepare you to meet the requirements of the New California Storm Water Regulation for industrial activities.

The course will prepare you on how to:

  • Submit an Initial Notification of Intent (NOI)
  • Develop a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Develop a Storm Water Monitoring Plan
  • Conduct regular visual observations and collect storm water samples
  • Prepare an Annual Report of observation and sampling results

The training consists of a one-hour video, and is a narrated with on-screen text.  In addition, you will be provided with a copy of all the on-screen text to allow for easy of note-taking.  When you purchase the training you will have 48 hours to view it or replay it.  You will also be provided with pause controls to allow the training to be paused during the viewing.  There is a brief 5 question quiz and you will be issued a certificate of completion.  More details are on the purchase video page.

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Cost: $59

If you would like assistance in preparing any of your documentation for meeting this requirement contact Chemical Data Management Systems at 925-551-7300 or 562 -988-0800.