Right To Know Training


Right-To-Know training is required for employees who could potentially be exposed to hazardous materials including everyone at a facility that stores hazardous materials.  The training is required to be conducted annually.

This course will cover the contents of the Business Plan, OSHA Hazard Communication, and the Hazardous Material Emergency Response Plan & Procedures to satisfy the following:

  • OSHA: Hazard Communications 29 CFR § 1910.1200 (Federal) and 8 CCR §5194 (State-CA)
  • California Business Plan Requirements 19 CCR § 2732
  • California Health & Safety Code, Section 25504

The training consists of a one-hour video, and is a narrated with on-screen text.  When you purchase the training you will have 48 hours to view it or replay it.  You will also be provided with pause controls to allow the training to be paused during the viewing.  There is a brief 10 question quiz and you will be issued a certificate of completion.  More details are on the purchase video page.

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Cost: $59

If you would like assistance in preparing any of your documentation for meeting this requirement contact Chemical Data Management Systems at 925-551-7300 or 562 -988-0800.