Floor Management Plan

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What is a FLOOR MANAGEMENT PLAN and why is it important for your company to have one?

One of the most common and overlooked violations for plating and related industries is the management of wet floors.  Learn how to avoid violations and costly fines.  Fines can amount to $37,500 per day.

Chemical Data Management System, with 25 years of experience in supporting the plating industry, has put together an Internet training on the Floor Management requirements and what businesses needs to do to comply.  The training will include:

  • Review of the factors that effect floor management in a plating operation
  • Regulations that effect poor floor management
  • Definition of plating tanks vs the plating floor, and when is the floor consider a tank
  • What you need to do to comply

The trainings can be viewed through the web, via computer monitor for individual viewing or with projection equipment for large group viewing.  Simply purchase a license to view the training and receive a pdf of the presentation material.

The cost of this training is only $25 per viewing.  You buy one training and view it individually or project it to a group of employees.