Tank, Piping & Containment Certifications

CDMS can provide a Tank and Containment Assessment and Certification of  hazardous waste tank systems to comply with the requirements of Title 22, Section 66265.193.  Tank and containment certifications will be provided by a Professional Engineer (PE) registered with the State of California.

Certifications are most commonly required by those facilities treating hazardous waste under Tiered Permitting, which requires that the treatment system and all ancillary piping be certified by a professional engineer at least every 5 years.

This assessment will consider if the tank and secondary containment tank is adequately designed and constructed, condition of the tanks, the materials being used in the tanks, piping, secondary containment, seismic bracing, etc.

The PE tank certification has been a long overlooked requirement by local CUPA inspectors, particularly the 5 year renewal requirement.  CUPA’s are starting to look more closely at, not only the requirement for certification, but that the certification is current and that it includes certification of ancillary piping (any piping that transports hazardous materials to the tank) being certified.