Waste Minimization Plans

More and more, regulations are requiring facilities to minimize or eliminate the amount of hazardous waste generated.  Almost all facilities who generate and manifest waste or discharge wastewater are required to have a written Waste Minimization Plan in place.

If you routinely produce more than 12,000 kg/yr (about 13.2 tons) of hazardous waste or 12 kg/yr of extremely hazardous waste, the Hazardous Waste Source Reduction and Management Review Act of 1989 (also known as Waste Minimization Program and SB14) requires you to identify your major hazardous waste streams, evaluate source reduction opportunities, and prepare a plan and report to document these efforts.  Facilities must prepare these plans once every four years. The next plan and report must be completed by September 1, 2019.

CDMS develops Waste Minimization Plans and assists Clients in evaluating current processes to identify ways of further minimizing waste.  We prepare Waste Minimization Plans for general waste generators and those that fall into the SB14 Waste Minimization requirements.

CDMS can provide the certifications by an Environmental Professional or Professional Engineer (PE), as the SB14 Waste Minimization Plan is required to have.  We can also evaluate current programs to ensure they meet regulatory requirements.

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