California OSHA requires that all companies have written Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (Also know as IIPP,  Safety Plans,  SB198).  This plan must document safety rules and guidelines, procedures for reporting and investigating injuries, training programs, and proper accident reporting procedures.  CDMS conducts necessary OSHA hazard analysis and develops full health & safety programs to meet the regulatory requirements, including conducting safety meetings and training courses.

Chemical Data Management Systems will develop an Injury and Illness Prevention Plan that will meet the requirements of the California regulations (often referred to as SB198). Provide the information below and receive a quotation for CDMS to prepare a Plan (over 60 pages) that meets all the State regulations.

The Injury and Illness Prevention Plan will consist of the following elements:

I. Company Profile

II. Management Commitment

A. Policy Statement

B. Objectives for the Health and Safety Program

C. Program Implementation

D. Assignment of Responsibility for Health and Safety ¥ Company ¥ Supervisors ¥ Employees

E. Safety Rules

F. Codes of Safe Practice

III. Hazard Assessment and Investigation

A. Health and Safety Audit

B. Inspections

C. Employee Reporting of Hazards

D. Accident Investigation Program

IV. Informing Employees


A. Safety Committee Responsibilities

B. Safety Committee Members

C. Safety Meeting Topics

D. Disciplinary program

E. Employee Safety Training Program

F. Informing Contractors

V. First Aid

VI. Record Keeping