Online MSDS storage and retrieval system


State and Federal Employee Right-To-Know regulations require that companies make Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available to workers that may be exposed to chemicals in the work place. The dilemma that many companies face is how to keep this information up-to-date and readily available to workers. Failing to have MSDS information up-to-date and available to workers can result in substantial non-compliance violations and fines.

Complying with this requirement can be quite burdensome. Many facilities set up several loose-leaf binders of MSDS with the intent of filing new MSDS as they arrive. What usually happens is the new MSDS end up piling up and the binder system is rarely used, as MSDS is filed under varying parameters, i.e., brand name rather than the common name or vice versa.

Product Description

CDMS is offering a unique Web-enabled service, which makes it easier to access, manage and deploy Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS’s). Our mission is to help companies create a safer work environment, save time, lower costs, and reduce the risk/liability associated with meeting compliance standards set by OSHA, EPA, DOT, WHIMIS and the Joint Commission (JCAHO), as well as other health and safety regulatory organizations

MSDS•Manager features and benefits include:

  • Immediate access to your MSDS library for all your employees via the Internet
  • Quick & easy to implement with no additional hardware or software required
  • User-friendly interface
  • MSDS’s are stored for each client in a private, secure “virtual filing cabinet” called eBinders, accessible via client-specific user passwords
  • MSDS’s are accessible to view and print from any web portal
  • MSDS’s are the specific manufacturer MSDS’s, not generic MSDS’s, that may not be applicable to all product formulations
  • If MSDS’s are not in current database of 8 million manufacturer MSDS’s, CDMS will obtain from manufacturer
  • MSDS’s can be coded, listed and searched by location, chemical name, or manufacturer
  • On line navigation screens can be viewed in English, Spanish or French
  • Back up CD is available so all MSDS data is available locally, for access of MSDS’s in the event of a power outage or lack of access to internet.
  • MSDS are checked for updates regularly and your MSDS database can be updated with the latest version.
  • How it works

  • CDMS will create and populate the Client’s MSDS eBinder with the MSDS’s identified by the Client. The Client will provide hard copy MSDS’s it wishes to include in the eBinder. CDMS will populate the Client’s eBinder with appropriate and current MSDS’s.
  • The Client will be given a username and password to allow access their eBinder
  • The Client will have access to view and print any MSDS in their eBinder.
  • MSDS updates

  • Periodic reviews of updates to current manufacturer MSDS’s in the eBinder will be made. MSDS’s can be updated to current MSDS’s (or not if a previous formulation is still being used at the site)
  • The Client can request for additional MSDS’s to be include in the eBinder as new materials are brought on site.
  • Annual Service Subscription

    Annual Service Subscription includes the following benefits

  • Access to MSDS’s using MSDS*Manager
  • Quarterly review of current MSDS’s to identify if any have been updated. Client will be provided a list of the MSDS’s and can choose to update the eBinder with these new MSDS’s. (update fee applies)
  • Optional Local MSDS Storage

  • Regulations require that access to MSDS’s must be provided at all times. The Local Storage CD ensures access to MSDS information in the event of a power outage or on line access disruption if coupled with a computer with back up battery power.
  • CDMS provides a CD and viewing software to allow access to MSDS’s contained in the Clients eBinder. Local MSDS viewing will be in a limited capacity, as it is considered a back up access use, and will not have the same features as the on line system viewing, but will allow for access to MSDS’s.
  • CDMS provides the option of obtaining hard copy binders of all MSDS’s contained in the eBinder for non electronic, either in total or by location.
  • For additional information, click on the links below, or contact CDMS.