CDMS’ years of experience working with agencies regulating Environmental and OSHA Health and Safety allow us to accurately evaluate a client’s level of compliance with regulatory requirements. We have an understanding of what the agencies and their inspectors are looking for, and how they are interpreting the EPA and OSHA regulations. We also have seen, through those unfortunate clients who came to us for help after receiving violations, what kinds of situations are actually receiving violations and fines. CDMS evaluates the client’s facility from the eyes of an inspector, identifying non-compliant items that make a company vulnerable to violations and fines. The audits can address all hazardous material hazardous waste and waste management, air quality issues, and OSHA regulatory issues or focus on particular areas of concerns a company may have. Audits generally consist of physical evaluation of the facility as well as a review of regulatory documentation. Clients receive a detailed report of the audit including recommended corrective actions.