Prepare Hazardous Material Business Plans

The State of California has mandated that all businesses that have hazardous materials on their site must prepare a Hazardous Material Management Plan.  In addition to the local agency HMMP submittal, state and additional regulations require documentation to supplement the HMMP submittal.  Some major requirements of this document include:

  • An Emergency Response Plan that describes emergency procedures to follow in the event of a fire, earthquake, or hazardous material spill.
  • An Inventory of Hazardous Materials, which meets local, State, and Federal reporting requirements, as well as Employee Right-to-Know communications requirements. Proper Handling Procedures for hazardous materials and waste.
  • Employee Training Programs, which educate employees in the proper use and handling of hazardous materials.
    Site Drawings of the plant layout indicating locations of key areas, safety items, evacuation routes, etc.

CDMS prepares these documents and programs for our clients and cooperates with the regulatory agencies to ensure that the Hazardous Material Management Plan meets local, state, and federal regulations.