Stormwater Sampling Kits & Reporting


Storm Water Permit regulatory changes (effective July 2015) require that facilities sample the stormwater discharge from there facility. The Discharger shall collect and analyze storm water samples from two (2) Qualified Storm Event (QSE) within the first half of each reporting year (July 1 to December 31), and two (2) QSEs within the second half of each reporting year (January 1 to June 30).

CDMS can provide sampling kits to companies to meet storm water sampling requirements. The kits will include sample bottles labeled for each sample point, pH paper, a pre-prepared chain of custody, and instructions for sampling.  All materials will be contained in a cooler for shipping to the lab and the sample results will be returned to the companies.


Storm Water Reports

CDMS can also assist with the following required storm water reporting.  We will report lab results to the SMARTS system, as results are available.

Effective July 2015, storm water sampling analysis results must be posted to the SMARTS electronic reporting system within 30 days of sampling. CDMS will report to SMARTS as lab results are provided. Our customer  will provide CDMS with the completed visual observation log for each sample point, including the pH level readings for each sample point, within 5 days of sampling.   CDMS will prepare the submittal.


Annual Report

Effective July 2015, the storm water annual report must be posted to the SMARTS, electronic reporting system.  CDMS can submit the annual report to the SMARTS.  CDMS will prepare the Annual Report for Storm Water Discharges Associated with Industrial Activities.

The Client will be required to have a SMARTS account with a current Legally Responsible Person (LRP) established and to establish CDMS as a data preparer for the Client’s account.   (CDMS can assist with this)

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