Stormwater Level 2 Reporting

Stormwater Level 2 Reporting is due by the end of 2017.

Storm Water Permit regulatory changes (effective July 2015) require that facilities that have a Numeric Action Levels (NAL) exceedance for a parameter that was in Level 1 are moved to Level 2 status for those parameters as of July 1 after the sampling year with the exceedance.


Once in Level 2 exceedance is reported to meet the Stormwater Level 2 reporting requirements the facilities must address the following:

  • A Level 2 ERA Action Plan must be developed by a QISP and submitted via SMARTS  by Jan 1 2018.  And it will include;

The plan will identify which of the following  “Demonstrations” that the facility will perform and  must be implemented within 1 year of submitting the Plan.:

  • Industrial Activity BMP Demonstration

Evaluating the pollutant sources

ID of New BMP’s (in action plan)

Description and analysis of BMPS and how they are expected to eliminate NAL exceedances

Where is it not expected to eliminate

        Eval of additional BMPS

        Estimated cost of additional BMPS

        Basis for selection or rejection of additional BMPS


  • Non-Industrial Pollutant Source Demonstration

Statement that it has been determined that the NAL exceed is attributed solely to the presence of non-industrial pollutant sources.

Evaluation of all potential sources that may commingle with sw associated with industrial activity

Evaluation of onsite/off site monitoring data that demonstrates run on, non-industrial or aerial deposition


  • Natural Background Pollutant Source Demonstration


Statement of how the exceedance is attributable solely to the presence of natural background that has now been disturbed by industrial activity.

Summary of data collected

Summary of research and published literature that relates

Map – and reference to site and test elevation

Available geology and soil info

Photographs showing site vegetation

Let  CDMS’ QISPs help you with the Stormwater Level 2 Reporting requirements by contact us for more information or call the number at the bottom of this page.