Stormwater Sampling Reduction

California Storm Water regulations provide companies with an opportunity to reduce monitoring activities for their Storm Water Program.  Thus saving money and time in the form of reduced lab fees and sampling efforts.


  • The company has been in the Storm Water Program for at least the past three years.
  • The company has taken 2 samples a year at each discharge point
  • The sampling results are below the established benchmark value.
  • The company has met Annual Report requirements during the past three years.

Reduced Requirements Result In:

  • Sampling reduced to two samples over the next four years

Stormwater regulations now allow qualified companies to be exempt from most of the sampling requirements. Chemical Data Management Systems is an environmental compliance service company and we have been preparing storm water and compliance plans for the past 10 years. We can help you to obtain this storm water sampling exemption. Contact CDMS for assistance. We will conduct the analysis of your data and prepare the necessary documentation to process the exemption.Stormwa