Risk Management / Cal-ARP Plans

Risk Management  Plan (RMP) and Cal ARP  are requirements for those who use certain quantities of Extremely Hazardous Materials.  Both are very similar and overlapping.

The RMP is a federal requirement for facilities that exceed thresholds of certain chemicals based on a federal RMP list.

The Cal-ARP is a State regulation, very similar to the Federal requirement but with additional chemicals and /or lower thresholds  to qualify.  If a facility qualifies for the Cal ARP Program they also qualify for the RMP program.  However a facility could fall into RMP requirements, but not State Requirements.

CDMS conducts the necessary studies, which include the HazOps Study, Air Dispersion Modeling, and Seismic Studies in preparing the full documentation and programs required to comply with the State of California, the County and Cities RMP requirements.

Chemical Data Management has the staff to prepare all levels of Cal ARP programs.  Contact our office for more details or to obtain quotation.