Reporting & Plans

CDMS is a service-oriented company. We follow current and new legislation in all hazardous material and safety issues. CDMS’ objective is to implement programs to keep our clients in compliance with hazardous material and safety regulations. We do this by offering both ongoing and project oriented services in which CDMS not only advises, but actually develops, prepares, and implements most requirements. CDMS currently works with over one hundred clients throughout California and many other states, and has serviced a wide variety of industries.

CDMS can assist with various reporting requirements. including:

  • Evaluating the need for reporting
  • Preparing reports
  • Reviewing facility prepared reports for compliance
  • Assisting with data collection or developing data collection systems

Assistance can be provided for most environmental and safety reports at the local, State, and federal level. Some common reports we assist with are:

  • EPA TRI Form R
  • Hazardous Material Inventory
  • State (Biennial) Hazardous Waste Report
  • Spill Reports
  • Stormwater Annual Report
  • Waste Water Self Monitoring
  • DOT Annual Registration
  • Hazardous Material Business Plan Annual Updates
  • Air Permit Updating
  • Air Emissions Inventory
  • Waste Water Discharge Permit Updates
  • Hazardous Manifest Fee Returns
  • Tiered Permitting Annual Reports and Closure Cost Adjustments