Waste Water Discharge Permits

Any facility that discharges industrial wastewater to the sewer is subject to having an industrial wastewater discharge permit. CDMS will evaluate the industrial waste water to determine if an Industrial Wastewater Permit Application is required by the local POTW (Publicly Owned Treatment Works). This will include obtaining industrial waste water samples from the facility, having the samples analyzed to determine the contents and concentration of contents of the waste water.

CDMS will prepare and submit an Industrial Wastewater Permit Application to comply with the requirements of 40 CFR 403.12.  The permit will include the following:

  1. Company information including name and address of company, production information, personnel information.
  2. List of environmental control permits held by the facility.
  3. Description of the operations related to process and waste operations.
  4. Description of wastewater flow rates .
  5. Description of wastewater characteristics.
  6. Estimates of pollutant loading.
  7. Description of methods of pretreatment.
  8. Description of sampling and monitoring procedures.
  9. Flow diagrams of major activities, which generate wastewater.
  10. Building and plumbing layout of the facility.
  11. Documentation of Spill Prevention and Chemical Management Plan.
  12. List of the quantities of chemicals stored and used at the facility.
  13. Description of non-discharged waste and disposal methods.