Ongoing Regulatory Compliance Service

Annual Hazardous Material Compliance Service
Ongoing Hazardous Material Compliance Support

CDMS provides ongoing hazardous material compliance maintenance services for a fixed monthly fee.  As part of this annual compliance service, CDMS assigns a Project Manager to oversee the client’s compliance issues and projects.  The Project Manager establishes a Compliance Library to organize and help maintain major compliance documentation.  Regular facility visits are made to address upcoming regulatory requirements and continually assess the level of compliance at the facility.  Many of our customers have found that this compliance maintenance service can fill the need of an in-house Environmental Specialist or can supplement current in-house activities to free up in-house resource time to be used more productively.

The ongoing service can be structured to address a majority or part of a company’s compliance needs, and can include services such as the following:

  • Regular facility visits
  • Regular facility compliance audits
  • Preparing and submitting regulatory reports
  • Telephone support
  • Regulatory permit updating (air, waste, water, etc.)
  • Annual employee training
  • Tracking of regulatory submittal and training due dates
  • Monitoring regulatory and facility changes to ensure that compliance is maintained
  • Interfacing with agencies and regulatory inspectors

The Annual Compliance Service offers:

Access to an entire team of Environmental Specialists with a wide range of expertise and specialties.

A consistent, reliable means to achieve and maintain compliance.
Many companies have realized that in today’s world of transient jobs, the loss of an in-house Environmental Specialist can be very disruptive to compliance and company operations.  Often, other personnel are required to temporarily address compliance issues with which they are not familiar, or for which they have difficulty making time.

Understanding and familiarity with regulatory agencies and their requirements.
Our experience in working with over 200 companies throughout California and the United States on a regular basis, keeps us in constant contact with the regulatory agencies.  This ensures that we are always familiar with the most recent requirements.

An economical way to achieve and maintain compliance.
CDMS’ experience and customer base allow us to research, interpret, and implement regulatory requirements quickly and efficiently.  Most in-house personnel address regulatory requirements only once, which usually involves the time consuming process of research, multiple attempts to get clarification from agencies, developing documentation, etc.

CDMS can design a service around the specific needs of your site.  From a few annual training classes to providing on site personnel, we can create a service to meet your requirements.

To discuss your company’s specific compliance assistance needs and obtain a free quote tailored to you, contact your local office.