Employee Training

Chemical Data Management Systems Annual Compliance Service provode a level of training to meet both the regulatory requirements and the clients needs.  There are two levels of training.

Employee Training
CDMS will develop and conduct employee training tailored to
the Client’s facility.  Courses will be conducted on site.  Course documentation and class attendance records will be provided.

The following classes will be provided on an annual basis:

Employee Right to Know Training
Waste Handler Training

Quarterly Safety Tailgate Trainings
CDMS will conduct one safety training class for the Client’s employees once per quarter.  Training topics will be agreed upon by the Client and the Project Manager and will focus on safety issues relevant to the Client’s operations.  A training description and attendance record will be provided for each session.  Safety meetings are designed to be general safety topics to provide general information about the topic.  The safety trainings are not intended to satisfy specific training requirements for specific job activities, such as lockout tagout training for employees working on equipment, or respirator training for employees using respirators.

Topics can include (but are not limited to) the following:

Back Safety
Spill Safety
Machine Guarding
Eye Safety
Laser Safety
Slips Trips and Falls
Office Safety
Accident Reporting
Personal Protective Equipment
Confined Space
Electrical Safety
Good Housekeeping
Bloodborne Pathogens
Hearing Protection