Hazardous Material Regulatory Support

CDMS offers Hazardous Materials, Environmental Waste Management, and Consulting to bring companies in compliance with OSHA regulations, EPA regulations and local hazardous material regulatory requirements.

Chemical Data Management Systems (CDMS) was founded in 1988 to provide a full range of hazardous material and safety regulation compliance services to companies using hazardous materials.  CDMS’s service covers two basic categories:

1.    Advising companies on hazardous material and safety regulations, and implementing programs to bring them into compliance.

2.    Maintaining compliance with hazardous material and safety regulatory administrative requirements by submitting necessary reports to all regulatory agencies.

CDMS is a service-oriented company.  We follow current and new legislation regarding hazardous material and safety regulations.  CDMS’s objective is to implement programs to keep clients in compliance with hazardous material and safety regulations.  We do this by offering both ongoing and project oriented services in which CDMS not only advises, but actually develops, prepares, and implements most requirements.  CDMS currently works with over one hundred clients throughout California and many other states and has served a wide variety of industries.

CDMS is structured to assist any firm that handles hazardous materials or hazardous wastes.  Due to the complexity of regulations controlling the use of hazardous materials, and the constant changes and additions to the regulations, it has become difficult for companies to maintain a working knowledge of the laws and to continually stay in compliance with them.  CDMS provides a service that brings companies into compliance with the Federal, State, and Local hazardous material and safety laws, and maintains compliance throughout the year.  CDMS becomes totally involved with clients’ regulatory compliance issues through regular visits, by preparing and submitting required reports, conducting required training, etc.  All programs and procedures are tailored to the clients’ facility and processes.
The CDMS staff is continually trained in hazardous material and safety regulations.  Many of the CDMS staff members have specific expertise in particular areas of compliance, so CDMS is able to offer a broad spectrum of expertise.  Staff members have engineering, chemical, and environmental backgrounds, and have met the compliance needs for a variety of companies.  This knowledge and familiarity with the regulations allow CDMS to quickly and economically bring a company into compliance and continually maintain ongoing compliance.

Some of our services include:


Preparing Reports and Plans

Offer a Compliance Maintenance Service