Facility Decontamination

Our Turn Key services can be especially helpful to ensure that the closure proceeds quickly and on schedule.  During a move there are many activities happening, many of which need to be coordinated to keep disruption to production to a minimum.  CDMS also works to make sure that a company’s recourses who are handling the move are not also distracted with the closure activities.  When a company is moving out of a building, there are often also issues about a new tenant or owner moving in.  CDMS is aware of the costs and pressures that can arise if the facility is not vacated quickly.  We work closely with the agencies to minimize the amount of time a facility must take to complete closure and receive a closure permit from regulatory agencies.

CDMS can provide services required to decontaminate all or part of a facility to satisfy local and state requirements.  This can include


•     Washing down of equipment and/or facilities,

•     Removal and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials or debris.

•     Assistance in determining the appropriate methods of decontamination or disposal.  Considering regulatory requirements, economic issues, time factors, etc.

•     Sampling areas to ensure that decontamination has occurred.