Forklift Operator

Who Needs It

OSHA believes that improved training will greatly reduce the number of forklift-related injuries and fatalities, so they issued a more stringent  training standard.  The requirements include classroom and hands-on training along with written and driving evaluations.

The training is required for any individual that operates a forklift or power lift equipment.  Required every three years, or more often as necessary to keep employees safe.

Evaluation of driving required every 3 years or when safety violations are observed.

CDMS Training
The course focuses on safe operating practices for operators, how to conduct equipment inspection, the principles of balance, and the rules for using forklifts.  Also requires a practical evaluation – where employees are observed driving to determine if they can actually safely operate a forklift.

This training session complies with the classroom training requirements of the new OSHA standard for sit-down counterbalance lift trucks.

The session is approximately 1 hour in length.