Confined Space

Who Needs It

Confined spaces are work areas that have limited or restricted means for entry or exit and are not designed for continuous employee occupancy.  A Permit Required Confined Space is a confined space where there is a potential for limited oxygen content, high levels of exposure to chemicals, a potential for engulfment, a potential for entrapment or asphyxiation or other safety or health hazards.

The Permit-Required Confined Space California OSHA regulation (Title 8 CCR GISO 5156,5157,5158) was developed to inform general industry employees of specific practices and procedures to protect them from the potential hazards of entering permit-required confined spaces.

All employees are required to have confined space training who will be working in or around confined spaces.
Training is required:

  1. Before the employee is first assigned duties;
  2. Before there is a change in assigned duties;
  3. Whenever there is a change in permit space operations that presents a hazard about which an employee has not previously been trained;
  4. Whenever the employer has reason to believe either that there are deviations from the permit space entry procedures or that there are inadequacies in the employee’s knowledge or use of these procedures.)

CDMS Training

The course covers the requirements for confined space permits, precautions, the responsibilities of the supervisor and workers, and rescue procedures.

The session is 2-3 hours and covers classroom and practice drills.