Respiratory Protection Requirements

If you are offering Respirators to your employee, you must comply with Respirator regulatory requirements, including:

A written Respirator Plan on site

Annual Training and fit testing for all employees who wear a respirator

Medical clearance of all employees before they use respirators (can be done through written questionnaires)

OSHA requires respirators whenever exposure to hazardous materials exceeds OSHA Permissible Exposure Limits.
If there is a potential that exposure may exceed PELs, OSHA does require facilities to conduct air monitoring to determine actual exposure levels.
CDMS can provide air monitoring, develop respirator programs, conduct training and fit testing, and provide medical questionnaire evaluations.  Contact your local office for more information.

OSHA Log 300

Don’t forget to post your completed OSHA log 300 during the months of Feb-April.  It must be posted in a place that employees can see and have access to.