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    Chemical Data Management Systems (CDMS), an environmental consultant, was founded in 1988 to provide a full range of EPA Hazardous Material and OSHA regulatory compliance services to industries using hazardous materials. These services include CDMS assisting companies in complying with the hazardous waste management, health and safety, tiered permitting regulations, storm water regulations, storm water sampling kits, air quality regulations, CUPA Hazardous Material Business Plan reporting, employee training, air emission reporting and testing, Title V permitting, noise monitoring and personnel air monitoring, Spill Prevention Controls & Countermeasures plans, and OSHA safety support.

    We provide ongoing and project support to clients to meet our client’s EPA and OSHA needs through on-site visits. Our broad level of expertise covers the spectrum for environmental to engineering support.

    Please explore our web site to learn more about how CDMS can help companies address their compliance issues more efficiently and cost effectively.

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